Everyone at RDH Mechanical are delighted to announce the successful completion of the 65 Degrees North challenge by Brendan Davies (a member of ‘Team Everest’), a Royal Marine who served at the same time as our Director, Steven Spear.

The 65 Degrees North charity have raised over £21,000 so far, and the donations keep on coming. Brendan, along with a number of ‘Team Everest’ candidates, successfully climbed to the peak of Everest at 8,848m above sea level via the Southeast Ridge route on the Nepalese side of the mountain. The expedition to the ‘Top of the World’ took around 2 months to complete.

RDH Mechanical, keen supporters of the challenge, would like to congratulate the efforts of Brendan and ‘Team Everest’, along with thanking for the charitable donations which helped drive the team to the summit.

Heroic Brendan, who served in the Royal Marines, said:

“On the 21st May, at around 5.30am, I summited the highest mountain in the World!

I have finally received a couple of photos from the Sherpas as my down-suit zip was frozen and I was unable to reach my phone to take any photos!

This has been the toughest challenge for me, both physically and mentally, especially after a very emotional split from Rich at 27000 ft, then continuing to climb through the night with Tengee and Namgya.

After a tough climb to Camp 4, we only had a few hours before we continued on our summit push. The constant worry about Rich’s descent drained me mentally. Finding it difficult to go on I began thinking about my family, and my two friends who took their own lives last year due to their own struggles with mental health.

With each step I started naming them repeatedly to give me the strength and determination to push on… After 9 hours of climbing through the dark I looked up to see the shadow of Everest in the distance and the summit finally in sight!

With tears in my eyes, struggling with emotions from leaving Rich behind, I pushed on for another hour and a half with Namgya by my side. Seeing Scott and Joe, then Tom and Eli, descending from the summit gave me such a lift to push on for the final section, in -55*C wind-chill, to the top of the World!”

If you would like to join us in supporting (and celebrating!) Brendan and ‘Team Everest’s’ efforts, please consider giving them a well deserved donation. You can donate now via their JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/65dn

Find out more about 65 Degrees North and the expedition to Everest here: http://www.65degreesnorth.co.uk/everest/